Fire Treatment

Have any of you seen this material used for fire separation between units?

It was falling all over the place.


Have seen a similar product in commercial, etc. In Canada, this is a commonly used product…

Your picture one hard to see. Typically if non-combustible insulation is used for fire stopping it should be tight and not falling out. 2nd picture looks like plywood wall which mean it is for draft stopping. Either way there should be no holes or voids for air, smoke or fire to pass thru.

Greg. What is the aluminum, kinked, duct tape device in picture 2?

i’ve only seen in commercial use on structural steel

material delamination and incomplete coverage is a big no no in comm. this among others is what failed 911 wtc I&II

Thanks for the info.

This forum is a great educator. Previously I wrote non-combustible insulation can be used for fire stopping. My State-Wisconsin UDC states-“Acceptable attic draft stopping has been changed to 3/8” wood structural panels or 1/2" gypsum board. Fiberglass insulation is no longer listed as an acceptable attic draft stopping material." The UDC also strengthens the wall separation required between dwelling units to typically 5/8" drywall on both sides of the wall.