Firebox Covered

I inspected a house today and the owner had sealed up the fireplace with heavy plastic maybe due to a bird problem. It was a pretty well secured and I was afraid to take it down.
How do I fill out the report? Do I check inspected or not inspected on the fire place?
I could inspect the hearth and chimney externally but could not get in the fire box

One possibility:

The fireplace/chimney was completely sealed shut and no inspection was possible without damaging the homeowner’s property. No information is known nor reported on the fireplace/chimney. (With the exception of what you could see and inspect, if anything, e.g. mantel, hearth, exterior chimney portion, etc.) BUT, if you could not see it, how could you mark “inspected”?

I recommend a Level 2 N.F.P.A. chimney/fireplace inspection, by a qualified chimney sweep, before the expiration of your inspection contingency period.

Note this requirement from the website: “Level 2 inspection is required upon the sale or transfer of a property…”

Also, please scroll up to “control panel” and fill in your location and other info.

Thanks Larry

You’re welcome.