Inspecting repairs following a chimney fire.

I just ran into someone whose neighbor’s home caught on fire from a chimney last nite and asked if I could inspect the repairs in the future.
I gave him my card and said I’d be willing.
My questions are, 1) what should I look for and 2) what kind of liability might I face? Any thoughts?

I would recommend that a chimney sweep perform a complete Level 2 inspection


That’s literally all you can do !!!

Not cracking your cubes here but if you have to ask this question then my recommendation is to refer them to a CSIA certified Chimney professional. And the answer to your second questions is YES, all kinds of liabilities. Would you know what repairs were needed? were the completed repairs adequate? Would you even know what you were looking at? the list goes on for days. At a minimum a Level II done by a properly trained and certified chimney contractor and most likely a Level III if any components have to be removed for the inspection. A good inspector has to know when to refer things to another professional. There is NO shame in saying, “I don’t know.” or that is way outside the scope of my training, license or experience.

This explains the various levels of chimney inspections. Good to pass along to customers and agents who like to be hard headed.

Thanks for everyones quick response. This is my 1st post as I am a new inspector and new to InterNACHI.
That is kinda what I was thinking. If I actually do hear from this person, I will make these recommendations to him.

Thanks again and best of luck to everyone.