Fireplace Blowers

Alright I have no idea why these blowers were installed in this manner. Does anyone think that you could start a fire in the fireplae with these blowers in place? Estate sale owner not present.



I’ve never seen anything like that ever?/


Yikes. Lets blow sparks all over the room. #badidea

Goddarn smoke keeps rolling out into the house, I’ll fix that.

I’ll blow the friggin smoke up that chimney. ;):mrgreen:

Deal killer:D



what do You want to bet that chimney has a poor draft…

Exactly… Talk about “Induced Draft”!

Bad draft is what I’m thinking but how does it possibly work without blowing ash and embers everywhere. Yeah I would love to see the chimney sweeps reaction when he sees those things. You know me too well Bruce. Deal killer! That’s me. lol