Fireplaces, Stoves, and Chimneys Course

How to inspect Fireplaces, Chapter 3, Fuel-Gas Termination, Gas Vent Terminations table.

Shouldn’t that column be ROOF SLOPE?


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Nope. Pitch looks like a fraction and slope uses the colon.

Just to clarify, since a 6/12 pitch is equivalent to a 12:12 slope, a 1 foot chimney is good for roofs of 45 degrees or less.
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My mistake, I meant to say “Gas Vent Termination”, not “chimney”.

In the case of a 24’ span, yes, a 6/12 pitch would be the same as a 12:12 slope assuming the ridge is in the middle of the span. And according to the table provided in the training, the gas appliance vent would only need be 1’ higher than the high side of the surface penetration of the roof, or possibly 1-1/4" since the next row begins at 6/12 also.

Someone else may read the “to” in the table meaning up to and not including. In which case, 6/12 would be a 1-1/4" or more for the vent.

Hopefully someone else will chime in quickly if I am incorrect and making things worse.

Page 18 of the PDF under the heading Fuel-Gas Termination it says:

" For example, vent pipes terminating above roofs having a slope of up to 6:12 need to be only 1 foot high. "

From my research on of the IFGC code, it is called slope in some places and pitch in others. This is on state government sites.

Hello anyone! I believe I’ll get started on this one. Seems to be some controversy on it! LOL! I haven’t seen anything to have a problem with in any courses as of yet. I’ve been a General Contractor since 1989 and Masonry Contractor since 1976 and yes I built hundreds of fireplaces!

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