Firestone Seminar

For those that are conducting IR roof surveys, I just came across this seminar offered by Firestone. Looks like a three day class packed full of info on low-sloped roofs. Best of all it’s only 50 bucks.

Might be worth the time for someone close to thier training facilities (Vegas and Indianapolis).


Great find Thanks …Cookie

PRICELESS find but the $10K+ to and left in Vegas may get me in lots of trouble with the bride :mrgreen:

If anyone wants a quick course on inspecting low-slope roofs for moisture, we have a paid webinar that specifically targets that application, including discussions about conditions, safety, techniques, different types of roofs, and shows lots of thermal images.

The attached thermal image shows a built-up roof (BUR) with fiberglass insulation (lighter = wet) being marked out, a relatively straightforward type of roof. Some, like this one, are very easy to inspect, others can be challenging and some are just plain impossible! Again, this may not be a common need for NACHI members but, if you want more information, this is a relatively painless way to get it:

Past issues of our newsletter, Think Thermally, also have articles on the application; there is no charge for accessing this information which can be found at:

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Thanks…good information, both of you.

Stand up guy with a stand up offer, thanks John!