Firewall penetration

Garage has two metal combustion air intakes for a prefab fireplace penetrating the garage firewall separation. Would you call this out? It could pull exhaust fumes from the garage into the living space…yet it would be in the fireplace and vented out the chimney…

1423 Bay View Dr 082 (Small).jpg

1423 Bay View Dr 091 (Small).jpg

I don’t know if this helps.

R1006.2 Exterior air intake. The exterior air intake shall be capable of supplying all combustion air from the exterior of the dwelling or from spaces within the dwelling ventilated with outside air such as non-mechanically ventilated crawl or attic spaces. The exterior air intake shall not be located within the
garage or basement of the dwelling nor shall the air intake be located at an elevation higher than the firebox.


Thanks guys.