Outside Air for fireplace

Outside air for fireplace is now located in the single car/storage area. Right or wrong.


Uh how can it be outside air when it’s taken from inside of somewhere? What was the installer thinking? If that wall behind it is an outside wall, how hard would it have been to duct the inlet from there to the fireplace? However, running a duct from a fireplace to, or even through, a garage still rubs me the wrong way, unless a fire damper is installed in what should be a fire-rated wall.

Nice of them to put the petrol containers right there… don’t want to waste those fumes either. :roll:

They added a single car/storage area on the side of the house. It is a nice workshop and storage area. There was no damper installed.

I think that’s pretty good thinking, Mark. Let convection pull those fumes right up and out the chimney. No smelly garage. Unless of course the vapor should EXPLODE!

…and if the vapors explode, STILL no smelly garage! =))

Good one, Richard! :smiley: