First 10 CMIs to reply get packs of 50 CMI rack cards.

Certified Master Inspectors only please.

Nathan Susdorf
Kouts, IN

Jeff Hannon
Delanson, New York

Cameron Anderson
Peoria, IL

Chris Walsh

Ron Cleland, CMI
Hutchinson, MN.

Mike Auger
Warwick, Rhode Island

Doug Pennell
Napanee, ON, Canada

LeRoy Holm
LaCrosse wi

Jim Mosiuk

Troy Pappas
Virginia Beach, VA

Yuri Olhovsky CMI
Ricmond Hill, ON

Mark Timpani Tucson Az

Jeff Brown
Henderson, Nevada

OK, we have 10 winners. Merry Christmas.

thank you thank you


Mark Raumikaitis
Fremont NH

Dan Levia
Red Deer, Alberta

Kevin Leonard
Monroe, Ohio