CMI Marketing Cards #1

I won a pack of 50 CMI marketing cards at the online xmas party. I dropped some off at 2 of the largest RE offices in my area and have booked 3 inspections from these. In 4 years i have not been able to get referrals from any of these agents. I will be ordering another 500.

Thanks Nick


Save your money. I just shipped you another 1,000 for free.

Thanks Nick !

I have distributed over 1,000 to offices here in KC; no responses yet. It is backwards here in KC. REA’s here think CMI means supreme deal killer.

Make sure you glue your business card to the brochure in the space provided. Keep trying.

Where can I find more information on these cards? I am very interested in testing them out with our Team. or you can wait for Nick to send you some free.:mrgreen:
Here is the direct link!

Also you can purchase the clear brochure racks for these cards at Office Max in a box of 4 for under $11 and use your InterNACHI discount for even more money off.

Nick, If you send me a bunch to the postal address for OntarioACHI I’ll hand deliver them to as many Realty offices between Niagara and Hamilton. I’ll get the other board members to deliver to their local areas to. This will cover Niagara Peninsula, The Golden Horseshoe (Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Guelph) the Greater Toronto Area. This would pretty much cover off Toronto and the West of Toronto for up to 120km.

The postal address is:
The Ontario Association of Certified Home Inspectors
17-7000 McLeod Road
Suite 285
Niagara Falls,
L2G 7K3

Maybe Roy, and some CMI’s on the eastern side of Toronto could do the same to cover that area?

Any CMIs that want to meet me to collect anything Nick sends you can get in touch with me directly, either by private message here or via e-mail.

count me in as well!

I just by some crazy way found this 2 years or older post :slight_smile:

Do all on your team meet the requirements?

If so I would say go for it. It will make you stand way above the rest in the terrible States where the profession is licensed and all clients see anyone with the piece of paper as equal to all with the same paper so they should charge about the same.

I like the good ole days when people wanted references and an idea of what makes you a good home inspector. That piece of paper just pisses away your good money and makes a guy that just earned his licenses look as qualified as a guy who has been doing it for 20 years. F-ed up for sure.