First 15 California members who post get free marketing packs for California.

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #1

Free, approved continuing education for California agents.

Shipping free also.

Kim is going to ship to the first 15 California members who post.

(Shawn D. Staggs, CPI) #2


(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #3

Frank Rotte
Bonsall, CA
Merry Christmas!

(Ian W. Mayer, CMI) #4

me! :smiley:

Ian Mayer
IM Home Inspections
23371 Mulholland Dr # 201
Woodland Hills, CA 91364


(Scot Baker, CMI) #5

Scot baker

(Susan Richards) #6

Susan Richards
Yucaipa Ca

(Eric L. Richards) #7

Eric Richards
Yucaipa Ca

(Vern T. Lusk) #8

Hmmmm, guess I should look here more often!

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #9

Wow. Two weeks later and you’re still in the game. :slight_smile:

(Ian W. Mayer, CMI) #10

I got mine in the mail.

Thank you Nick!

(Ernie Martinez) #11

I’m in

(Rick Elliott) #12

I’ll take 100
Thanks Nick!

(Thomas Seargeant) #13

Hi Nick! Just saw your post. Have you had 15 California members respond yet?? If not, I’m interested in that free marketing pack!

(Thomas Seargeant) #14

Hey Nick! What do I have to do to have my designation on the forum board (and elsewhere) updated to “Intenachi Member” rather than “Internachi Student”? I have passed all exams , performed requisite mock inspections, and signed the affidavit… I am a “Member” now I think…aren’t I?
Thanks in advance,
Thom Seargeant, InsideOut Property Inspections

(Adam L. Drumm) #15

I would like to receive the free marketing pack if it is still available.


Adam Drumm

(Mike Hazelwood, CMI) #16

Why not, I’m in.

(Brian R. Sumpter) #17

If still available, count me in!