New home inspection course for real estate agents. Host it and invite local agents.

Hey Nick,

Did I provide you with the necessary information and or procedures for course approval within the State of California. That application process seemed to be more directed at the NACHI Organization and the Instructional Staff rather than a individual member or chapter. Do you agree?

Chris did a great job on the e-newsletter system with member access to manage their address/message data.

Do you think any of the recent content suggestions will be acceptable for future e-newsletter issues?

I know your way busy, but I want a little piece of the Nick Gromicko time management pie…

I couldn’t have done it without you Will, if you see any changes you think we should make, help me fix it up. Staff is already applying for real estate agent continuing ed approval with it.


I would love to book you for my area. I could actually get a great turn-out.

What’s the best way to market this course to the thousands of Realtors in my area?


See if Mass has a Rookie Realtor Society, they usually do Classes once a month and are always looking for new topics to present to the Rookies…

Yep, definitely could use you in this area. Would be honored.

LOL’ing at the “order Nick by email” and “free Nick for business or pleasure”. :wink:

Hey David,

Contact your local area boards of realtors. They normally have classes for the agents at the board and or off site locations as well. They also maintain a database of realtor continuing education classes in that area.

If we get enough individual states to approve NACHI as a continuing education sponsor/provider it would be prudent to contact NAR - National Assocation of Realtors about listing the NACHI education program in communications to
their membership and or in