First for me.

Electric forced air furnace, a Gemini Systems made in Rush City, Minnesota and it also burns wood.

Talk with them tomorrow to see if they will certify it.
Looked good for its age.




That’s a first… Interesting concept. Must be a Northern climate thing, I suppose if you were going off the grid it could be quite useful and quite ingenious! A little solar to drive the blowers and you’re in business.

One of the agents that I do a fair amount of inspections for has a wood burning furnace in his 100 year old farm house. His has LP backup. Last year he went through less than $300.00 in LP and that includes the water heater and gas stove.

If you have the time, resources, and energy, burning wood saves a ton of money. I personally don’t feel like busting my *** all summer long cutting, splitting, and stacking firewood. And then getting up in middle of the night in the winter to stoke the fire.