My new furnace & water heater!

Just got her hooked up yesterday. I was using an 18 SEER heat pump for heat. Until yesterday, the heat pump ran constantly and I had it set to between 65 & 68 F. The kids slept in sweat shirts. Now, we sit comfortably in t-shirts with the temp. set to 73 F day and night. The heat pump is no longer used for heating. And, I can take 4 hour showers if I want and wash clothes in hot water!

Wood doesn’t need splitting…if you’re stout enough to pick it up, the wood boiler will accommodate it. My goal is to be pretty near self-sufficient with home energy. Electricity rates here are set to rise 10% January 1st. A wind mill may be my next project.

I love this thing!

woodboiler 001.JPG woodboiler 004.JPG

woodboiler 001.JPG

woodboiler 001.JPG

woodboiler 001.JPG

Nice Joe!

A buddy had one similar and loved it. His (Central Boiler) heated 3000 square feet no problem.

We heat the majority with an air tight stove and really enjoy it except we actually have snow with about 15 degrees.

My unit, which I bought second hand (it was 1 year old) is 165,000 BTUs. Our home is 2,800 SF so it has plenty of capacity for us. It has the capability to heat another building and can handle 2 additional coils for heating hot tubs, etc. I plan to build a metal building one day and this will easily handle its energy needs.

Looks like a nice spread, Joe. That’s a good way to go, if you’ve got the acreage. The price of firewood has been climbing lately, even out here in the sticks, not the cheapest fuel for suburbanites.

John Kogel

Joe, looks like a money saver but back breaker…

What size heat pump was that? Did you have the charge checked on it?
That unit can/should put out up to 105 degree heat without any strips running!
It may only put out 95 degree heat when it is below 40 outside.

We have two (seer 13) heat pump units that do very well set to 72.
I keep the electric strips disabled via the programmable feature unless it drops below 30 degrees. I can raise the house (3600 sf, 10-12 ft ceilings) from 70 to 72 in about 30 minutes even when it is cold out (with no electric backup running).

Bruce, my heat pump is a Trane, 42K BTU, 18 SEER dual compressor, variable speed. Nice system. I never read the manual on the thermostat…should have. My last bill was only $125, but since then we’ve had a lot of sub 30 degree days. I’m glad it’s no longer needed.

I love working outdoors. As long as I’m healthy, the wood cutting isn’t a chore…it’s something I like to do and consider it good exercise. I never have to cut a live tree. We have enough die due to drought or get blown down to keep me overloaded with wood. The last one to fall was an 8’ diameter white oak. I figure it was 300 years old. Sad to see it die.