First paid inspection!

Good afternoon colleagues. I just wanted to share how my first paid inspection went last week.

Home built in 1993 and 2300 square feet.


Multiple level decks with improper bearing/posting from one deck to next.
Missing hardware on middle tier deck
Missing hardware on upper most deck
Deck beam out of plumb 2“ pushing post out opposite direction.

No clearance on electrical panel
Panel cover rusted
Open grounds in all basement outlets
No GFCI protection in wet areas throughout

Missing nails on siding and trim
Loose nails in siding and trim
Siding 5/8” off roofing material at raked roof
Wood pecker damage to upper gable allowing pest infestation to attic space.

Water heater not properly vented

Basement drain covered by furnace

My client unfortunately ended up backing out because seller refused to make corrections. I’m inspecting another property for same client in a few days. Hopefully this one is in better shape.

Just wanted to share with everyone. Good luck to all and be safe.


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Welcome, Chris! Congratulations on your 1st paid inspection!

Thank you Susan. It was a doozy!

Great job, Chris! And, we never know why the client backs out.

Be happy they liked your inspection enough to give u another job! :smile:

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Welcome to our forum, Chris, where there are no stupid questions. Enjoy! :smile:

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Thank you Larry! I am very grateful for repeat work. And another opportunity.

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