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I have a client whom I did an inspection for back on May 1. He has emailed me recently with some complaints. I did legitimately miss a couple of things…Broken cover on an ext. GFCI receptacle, Sagging deck, which is at ground level. I did mention the sagging deck in my report. However, I did not notice that it was supported by 2x4 framing (visual insp), and that the deck boards were 2 sandwiched pieces of fence boards. Ridge vent nailed to roof (I do not walk roofs). Plumbers putty in use to stop some leaks under kitchen sink. He has made a couple of other complaints that are easily refutable so I won’t mention them here. I don’t know where to begin. He wants a cash settlement (doesn’t mention amount). I told him I would respond no later than this coming Monday. I have not spoken with my insurance co. yet.
This is my first complaint in over 2 years of inspectioning. I don’t know where to begin. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. You may email me direct if you would like to peterson.bill@gmail.com or even call me at 423-341-7310 anytime before 1030 pm. Thanks much!
Bill Peterson

First off a inspection is to look for major defects. I wouldn’t call a missing or broken cover plate a major defect. How else would you attach a ridge vent to the roof. I would ask if any of his complaints would have made him not buy the house. Sounds like someone just looking to make some money. I doubt that it would be worth his time and money to sue over such trivial items.

Pictures would help!

Plumbers putty in the right place can be hard to detect, and will stop leaks. Were there any leaks at the time of the inspection, or any evidence of previous leaks? An outlet cover??? Please, even a broken outlet is tiny in stature to the purchase price of a home. My ridge vent is nailed to the roof, and so is every other one around here (I try to always walk roofs). You reported the sagging deck, therefore it was his job to investigate it further. Did you report the deck properly?

The deck sounds like the only plausible issue, and the only possible major defect and as Greg said, that is what we’re looking for.

Sounds like bullsh!t to me. Tell 'em to go piss up a rope. :smiley:

He apparently does not know what a home inspection really is. You are NOT responsible for the condition of his home… you meerly reported what you saw. (or hes trying to rip you off)


Get in touch with Joe Ferry He will guide you.

Sounds like you should be more dilligent in managing your client’s expectations. Be sure he understands what an inspection is and what the limitations are.

Hope this helps

Could you tell me how to contact Joe Ferry?
As a recent member of Nachi, I can say without a doubt it has surpassed my expectations.
Thanks to all of you who have answered my questions. I really appreciate the input.

try fastreply@nachi.org