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Thomas Walker
Knoxville, TN
Merry Christmas!!!

Robert Janzen
373 N Market St
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Thank you

Shawn Staggs
Sarasota, FL

Maxwell S. Oates,
401-138 Trites Rd.
Riverview, NB
E1B 3L9

Herb Castle
MN State Inspection Services

Michael Doyle
Bel Air, MD

Awesome! Thanks!
Merry Christmas!

Michael Altizer
7479 Copperhead Lane
Hiwassee, VA. 24347

Richard Ingalls
Holiday, FL

Michael J. Meeker
1445 N.W. 9th Street
Dania Beach Florida 33004


I’s like that

Timothy VanMeter
Lesage, WV
Merry Christmas


Happy Holidays

Am I first

Merry Christmas!

Larry Strawson
Edmonton, Alberta

Thank you InterNACHI!

Congratulations Thomas! pretty lucky

Thomas Walker wins! He’ll be next in line after the review I’m currently working on.

Thomas, please email me at to give me your website address.

Your review will be posted at my website review thread here (and I will private-message you when it’s posted):

Everyone else who posted in response will be added to my list (unless you’re already on it). Thanks!

Thanks Kate.