First version of InterNACHI University logo.

As many of you know, InterNACHI is about to become an accredited University. We will be able to offer you actual college degrees in home inspection.

We’re working on the logo design. Here is our first concept.


Will we have a football team?

The date is wrong. It should be the date that the University was founded, not the date that InterNACHI was founded.

We started InterNACHI University in 1994 actually.

We’re only now getting accredited to offer a full college degree.

Sorry to disagree but I would consider that false advertising. The logo says InterNACHI University, not InterNACHI.

Considering 1/2 or more of the “classes” didn’t exist in 1997, it would be crossing the Ethics line to insinuate that the University existed back then. Your date would be the date you are accredited.

Be proud of the distinction you earn without puffery.

Nope. For years we had InterNACHI University and called it “InterNACHI University.”

It is IMPOSSIBLE to establish a university on the day it is accredited. Impossible. It has to all be in place prior to starting the accreditation process which takes years. Otherwise there would be nothing to accredit.

We’re already accredited by many organizations and government agencies. We’re just now becoming accredited to offer a U.S. DOE accredited college degree. It’s a new accreditation that allows us to award degrees in inspections.

True for every university. Compare the courses every university offers today with the ones they offered 2 decades ago.

Is that a Knight’s helmet? The football team could be called the InterNACHI Crusaders.

Does an inspector have to do a slew of extra courses beyond what is already done to gain the degree?

A few. We’ll release our General Ed courses soon which include courses on basic construction math, English, business writing, and a few electives. We’re also allowed to give credit for life experience and accept other accredited courses from other universities.

All professors should at least like America. Please No tenure and no safe zones.

It will be a great university. Following in the footstep of historical legends like

Faber College
“Knowledge is Good”

I cannot wait to see next years Las Vegas convention with all of you running around in your mathcing shirts.

Which accrediting institution will this be through?

U.S. Department of Education.

Yes. Will you be signing up to be on the cheerleading squad? :stuck_out_tongue:

Since DOE doesn’t do accreditation itself, which board or institution will it be? Just curious.

Nice, looking forward to this. I already have a degree in electronics engineering. Will any credits from my other schools transfer?

Sure. Why not? That’s a great idea.

The U.S. Department of Education uses 15 different commissions to accredit universities. Ours is

What level of degree can one achieve from i. U ?

An accredited Associate Degree. It’s a real college degree. The U.S. Department of Education commission we’re working with accredits all university programs up through doctorate degrees so InterNACHI University plans to eventually offer higher degree programs as well.