One step closer to offering an accredited University Associate Degree in Inspections.

InterNACHI is one step closer to being accredited by the U.S. Department of Education as a real University that can award an Associates Degree in Inspections with the release of our student catalogue:

Wow congrats Nick and team.

It’s going to change everything in the inspection industry… everything.

Great! Would classes already taken be applicable?


Last thing I need is another degree, but hey, I’d work on getting this one.

Wow! What’s the timeline on that Nick?


We are on target to offer the degree program this year.

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Sounds like a good plan. I’ll do it, especially if classes count towards annual training and master inspector certification.

Sweet and really sweet. :slight_smile:

I certainly hope this comes to fruition! Yes it can definitely have a significant impact on the industry in many positive ways!!

Just like when InterNACHI got its free online courses approved years ago…that changed everything, and so will this. An actual University Degree will lift the profession.

And don’t even get me thinking about how this changes marketing… I won’t be able to sleep. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s funny! In my original response I was going to say this would make a heck of a marketing tool as well! You can even get an image of Star Trek’s Picard holding out his hand and saying:

“Your Home Inspector doesn’t have an Associates Degree in Inspections?” :twisted:

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Game changer. How will the competition compete with this?

This news is great… already thinking of the marketing …

Thanks Nick


Looks like I’ll be contacting print services for new brochures… That would be an awesome marketing tool. I’m continuously amazed at what is offered here. Would it be free to members?

Outstanding! Thanks

Nick with an associates degree dont we also need the core classes like math, english ect. will that be waved or need to transfer credits

Maybe it’s more like a “certificate”. I earned a Real Estate Certificate from a JC. It only required RE oriented classes.


The official HERS rater designation would be an awesome addition to the Associates degree curriculum. HUD requires their energy audits/inspections be performed by HERS raters only. What do you think?