Fixed ladder on a fast food restaurant (less than 24' high)

Check out this ladder. The curved railing along the top did not attach, and was unstable for use. It could technically be used as a support, but anyone expecting it to be sturdy might be in for a drop dead funny surprise.

are you aware of any codes about this? I could not locate any particular to this issue.

You may consider reporting it as a potential safety hazard…staying away from codes altogether. Just a thought. :smile:


If you feel the need to cite code then the 2018 International Building Code States

And the 2018 International Mechanical Code States:

Note, the code specifies “rung” diameter and load capacity but not necessarily “side railing” specs.


thanks guys. just thought I’d run it by the forum real quick

Reading material here for you on fixed ladders.

The top of the ladder should have been secured to the parapet walls or the rails should of come back down and anchored to the roof edge.