FL DBPR approves InterNACHI CE


Good timing! I need to get my CE courses done

Thank you excellent information.

How do I do the Wind mitigation course again, if already taken? Or do you have another smaller course? FL requires only 2 hours in wind mitigation, but the course is 16 hours…

Also, it says you can take again even if already taken, but how does that work, since it still has everything check marked to save my progress? Will it still register if I just start going through it again?

I did a retake of the same WindMit course. Since you’ve already gone thru the course & passed it, you can simply choose to do the exam again.
We need 14 hours & 2 of WindMit training.
The course is 16 total hours - you are done!

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Wind Mitigation Course for CE

InterNACHI’s free, online How to Perform Wind Mitigation Inspections Course, #0000059, is approved by DBPR for 16 hours (14 of “General” and 2 hours “Hurricane”). You are permitted retake this course even if you have taken it for renewal in the past.