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Does anybody know if the wind mit course nachi offers will count for all of the required hours for the two year license period. My good friend teaches at one of the most trusted schools in central florida and stated that the wind mit course is all we needed for this license period. I am unable to validate that. Has anyone else heard this?

The Nachi wind mit course qualifies for CE and the wind mit requirement. You only need it if you are going to do wind mits. There is no other CE requirements for the renewal we just went through for HI license.

**You need 2 hours of wind mit C.E. for this renewal cycle (2012-2014) whether you do wind mits or not.61-30.402 Continuing Education Requirements for Biennial Renewal
**(1) Prior to the expiration of each biennial licensure period, and as a condition for renewal of the home inspector license, each person licensed pursuant to Chapter 468, Part XV, Florida Statutes, shall complete a minimum of fourteen (14) hours of continuing education which shall include, at a minimum, all of the following subjects as they relate to the practice of home inspection:
(a) A minimum of two (2) hours of instruction regarding building systems,
(b) A minimum of two (2) hours of instruction regarding inspection methods,
© A minimum of one (1) hour of instruction regarding reporting,
(d) A minimum of one (1) hour of instruction regarding professional practice (standards of practice),
(e) A Minimum of six (6) hours of general instruction in home inspection techniques, which may include Department approved continuing education courses approved by the Construction Industry License Board, the Board of Professional Engineering, the Board of Architecture, the Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board, or the Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Board.
**(f) A minimum of two (2) hours of instruction regarding hurricane mitigation training, which shall include training on completion of the Uniform Mitigation Verification Form and instruction regarding:
**1. Roof deck attachment,
2. Secondary roof water barrier,
3. Roof covering, gable end bracing,
4. Reinforce roof-to-wall connection,
5. Opening protection,
6. Exterior doors or,
7. Other hurricane mitigation methods.
(2) Continuing education credits may only be obtained for the completion of courses or seminars offered by education providers approved by the department, the Construction Industry License Board, the Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board, or the Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Board.
(a) A licensee who is an instructor may obtain continuing education credits in the amount of the credits allowed for that course or seminar for his/her first presentation of such course or seminar presentation.
(b) No licensee may claim credit until after the credit has been earned by that licensee.
(3) Licensees need not comply with continuing education requirements prior to the licensee’s first full renewal cycle.

I think you mean for 2014-2016 cycle.

Correct, thanks!

Just remember nothing you take before 9/30/12 will count towards your next renewal.

No CE credits are req’d for this yr’s initial renewal of Florida State Certified Home Inspector and Mold Assessor Licenses.

All CEU’s taken after 8/1/2012 count

Got it from the DBPR:
[FONT=Arial]Hi Mr. Smith,[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]This 16-hour course is approved for 10 hours of Building Systems, 2 hours of Inspection Methods, and 4 hours of Reporting.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]The statute requires 2 hours of building systems, 6 hours of general knowledge, 2 hours of hurricane mitigation, 2 hours of inspection methods, 1 hour of professional practice, and 1 hour of reporting. As such, this course will not satisfy all of your continuing education requirements for the 2014 renewal year.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Additionally, this course was approved prior to the implementation of the hurricane mitigation requirement, which is likely why it doesn’t qualify for this type of credit even though the course appears to cover this subject. The provider has not requested that the course be re-evaluated to comply with this newer requirement.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Please let me know if you have any additional questions.[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Andy Janecek[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Senior Management Analyst Supervisor[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Bureau of Education & Testing[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Division of Professions[/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]Department of Business and Professional Regulation[/FONT]

So it appears the Nachi course will satisfy all but the (6) hours of general knowledge and the (2) hours of hurricane mitigation and the (1) hour of professional practice.

Also, it appears Nick would have to request the course be re-evaluated by the State to comply with the wind mitigation requirements.

Interesting… Thanks for making this info available William.


Nachi still hasn’t the course listed properly with the state of Florida. On the DBPR site it list the Wind Mit course by Nachi as only qualifying for 3 C.E. hours not the 14. We discussed this a while back and it was going to be resubmitted.
See; www.myfloridalicense.com

Please fix that as I just took it.
I would also appreciate a list of courses that would cover everything we need so I can get started early.

At this moment I only see 1 approved place to get the 2 hours of Wind Mit. required for FL. Is that correct?

Bumping this thread to get a better understanding of compliance requirements for CE.

First: It appears to me that CE hours must be met anytime between now and 7/31/14 in order to have your license renewed for the 2014-16 period. If anyone believes differently I am interested to hear …

Second: It’s my understanding that while the online Nachi wind mit class is sufficient to met FL’s CE renewal requirement of 2 hours wind mitigation training, it falls short on the requirements for 1 hour of professional practice, and 6 hours of general instruction.

It appears as though Nachi has alternate courses listed as approved by the state which one could take to fulfill the professional practice requirement, but as far as I can tell there are not enough (specifically designated as qualifying) course hours to meet the 6 hour general instruction requirement (the wind mit class itself only providing 2/6 of these hours).

So, is anyone seeing the same issue as I am? While several of the state approved Nachi courses list as a topic area “general” in their descriptions, only one or two actually quantify the number of hours in this required category the class provides. One of these being 2 hours of general instruction for the WM class, and the other being .5 hours from the 6 hour classroom version of this class…

I hope I’m missing something, but it appears as though the Nachi approved courses can be taken to meet all of the required courses for the 2012-2014 period (ie, in order to renew in 2014), with the exception of 4 hours in “general instruction”. If this is the case, where are we supposed to get these hours…? Thoughts?

(I apologize if this was covered elsewhere in the threads - I searched but couldn’t find anything).

Thanks and Happy New Year :slight_smile:

There is a course offered at IFREC that covers all of the state required 14 hours per discipline in one class, it is ABC’s of New Home Inspection.

Appreciate that Will… Checked it out and not thrilled with it as it’s $229, and two day in class in Orlando… :frowning:

Thanks for the heads up though -

That’s true if you don’t live in the Central Florida area.
The price is good and the topic is great for Florida as it is for new home progressive inspections that are finally picking up here after many years.
I would almost rather do progressive inspections as you know you have work scheduled each month as the builder gets closer to the end.

Maybe I am confused by your questions but InterNachi appears to have classes approved for HI General ed requirements. This came from DBPR, not InterNachi. Your question would seem to be what is a general requirement. These classes also cover other categories, I would think if you have enough in that category than additional credits would be placed in general. It seems to have done that with the classes I took already. You should email Ben if you need more info. He and Lisa may not have applied for “HI General” credits.

It seems to me that marketing and customer service are perfect choices for these. I took Dom’s Social Media seminar at Casey O’Malley in Vegas and it was listed as HI General.

Thanks for the input guys… I’ll follow up with Ben and possibly DBPR if needed.

The Commercial property inspection course provides 2 hours reporting, 1 hour professional practice, 4 hours building systems, 6 hours hi general, 1 hour inspection methods. That sounds like a good place to start.