Flat roof penetration flashing

What are the requirements for the freon lines as far as flashing at the penetration point ?



Pitch Pocket

…and those are “refrigerant lines”.


Try these:


or, look further here:

Usually see the tube type Larry, but David it has proximity to the flue so most likely needs a pitch pocket.Thanks.

Brain fart.

Also had a cavity large enough to see no insulation on the lines past the ceiling drywall of the utility closet .Can we say lack of insulation may cause a condensation issue at the ceiling ?

Most for sure!

And the flue will likely leak as well (seeing your in a snow zone). Can’t see it too well though.

I normally see this sort of thing…


some of You old guys are pretty smart…

Nah more fun arguing about marketing…LOL

Those are really nice.

That is what I used to use except for the factor top. We made a goose neck with long sweep 90’s. Never had a problem with leaks.