Compressor lines through shingles

Is this OK
Seems to have the rubber boot underneath but with all that material it is hard to judge.

Any opinions on proper method?

Other than excessive use of patching is there any other comment fitting?

Sloped asphalt tile.

Polish Installation

I would just put Ac lines routed in a way that regular monitoring will be needed to prevent water intrusion.

Bob, this is an installation that will require constant monitoring for possible leakage in the future.

[FONT=HelveticaNeue-Roman]NRCA does not recommend using a roof as a location for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment.
Weatherproofing-related problems may be encountered because of the design of an HVAC unit. There is often a lack of clearly defined responsibility for the weatherproofing
of HVAC units among the parties involved, such as contractors, material suppliers and manufacturers. In an effort to minimize rooftop penetrations, run conduits and pipes within the interior of rooftop curbs.

[FONT=HelveticaNeue-Roman]Many weatherproofing problems related to HVAC equipment may be attributed to one or of the following:

[/FONT][FONT=HelveticaNeue-Roman]Improper flashing of the penetration(s), such as pipes, conduits and drain lines, that extend through the roof to
service the HVAC equipment.

**[/FONT][FONT=HelveticaNeue-Roman]Roof drains, pitch pockets often have particular installation or attachment requirements, which follow:

• Prefabricated flashing, metal sleeves and curbs with premolded pipe flashings are preferred for sealing pipes.
Pitch pockets or pitch pans are acceptable as a last alternative. Pourable sealer is the recommended top fill material for pitch pockets. Modified bitumen roofing cement may be acceptable as a top fill material for pitch pockets.

Thanks Marcel but if you look close it seems to be a rubber boot rather than a typical pitch pocket.

In this case the unit is a commercial style Gas Furnace and A/C combination unit made for the roof.

Perhaps this should have been sheet metal under that goop.?

I am going to use that last paragraph.(thank you)

But I need a little more detail on what creates that statement.

There we go.
Is that the tech term?:wink:

I don’t like that “lick and stick” glued on counter flashing thing either.

There is a way to put lines through the roof and that isn’t one of them.

Do you or anyone else have an example of the right way to do this?

Photo would be great.
Text will do.

How about “gowno”]( (at bottom of list) :p:p

Nie rozumiem

Wyjdziesz za mnie?

Here Bob, took me a while to find it.
This flashing boot will accommadate multiple lines.


Sorry for the delay, been busy…

Thanks to both of you.
Sent in the report , but at 53 pages it was big enough,lol.

I should have researched my own pictures duh, as I see those double boots all the time.

This was a town house and the wall in back was a fire wall that had limestone coping with weep wicks ,but no moisture barrier and at 2 years old rusting lintels above a few areas where they forgot the same.
Nothing like lovely rust stains to accent that white limestone,haha.

I will save the graphics to my Spartan clipboard.