Flat roof, structurally connected?




Any feed back is appreciated

Your pictures don’t show the flat roof connection.

Did you have a more specific question?

Yes, same as above need more info to help out if you have any questions…

Yes. Assuming it is for a 1802

yes, John. You are assuming correct. Do you need to see more photos, or is it obviously flat as per 1802. I pretty much already know the anwser, I just feel more confident with supporting opinions from fellow pros-Thanks

The only way it would not be is if it was not connected to the roof at all. Metal roofs are not usually connected structurally or a flat roof attached to a wall by joist hangers or ledger. Hope that helps.

Id like to see a pic of how the flat deck runs into the roof. A wider view of the first pic.

I’d also want to look at the beam in pic 2. Is that a continuation of the houses tie-beam?

Based only on the pictures, I’d say it’s attached. I would mark the 1802 as non hip.

Good luck.

Without measurements it looks like it should be marked flat roof.

Thanks for the input guys. its definitely flat as per the “form” as its connected and > 100sq.ft. its just a shame that house will be rated as flat- and im gonna catch sh**t because of it! Thanks again- Nachi auditing dept! :slight_smile:

It is, what it is!

Hey, you didn’t build it.

Good Luck

Remember the 10% rule for flat roofs, also…not necessarily the 100 sq.ft. only! The 100 sq.ft. rule only applies on a house less than 1000 sq.ft.!

I just did 25 wind mits in the last 3 days and was able to qualify 3 homes previously from flat to hip! I also took 4 homes from “other” to hip now because of the 10% gable rule, as well!

The inspections were done in Lee, Collier, and Broward.


I think your are reading the form wrong. It says flat roofs that are “greater than 100 square feet or 10% of the entire roof”. Nowhere does it state the the 100 sq ft rule only applies on a house of less than 1000 sq ft.

NOT flat! Actually HIP!

I have a question as to a wind mit. I have a house with 2 dutch hips.Each is about 12’ long adding up to 24’. Total roof linear footage is 200’. Would that because of the 10% rule not be a hip roof? Thanks. Bill

Not a hip as per the form.

You sure have a wide territory. You got any tips on getting more customers. You seem to have a ton of work. What are you usually charging? If you need someone to do them in North Dade, Broward and Palm Beach get in touch with me and we will work something out. :mrgreen:

That’s what I was thinking. It’s a shame as they are only 2-3’ high at the peak. And thus don’t even need gable end bracing if I’m not mistaken. Thank-you Michael.

Bill, the form states “whichever is greater,” as well. Taking that into account it explains why a 1000 sq.ft. house is applicable to the 100 sq.ft. rule only! I’ve dissected this form with my attorney just to be safe!

Will do, Mike! Headed out to Broward again tomorrow for Coral Springs and Deerfield Beach! Just finished Hollywood, Davie, and Pembroke Pines in the last week. After tomorrow it’s back to Collier and Lee! A lot of miles but well worth it!

I see it different as in flat roof is sq ft and hip roof is linear ft. Just trying to get these right. Thanks for your input. Bill