Flat Roof

Saw this roof today. It is 4-5 years old, has deterioration of the granules. There were many buckles in the roof. Owner said it was a composit roof and it was made that way to allow the water to run towards the scuppers. I thisnk he is full of it. What do you think? I will be writing it up that the mineral cap sheet is buckled in places and could crack in the future. There is actually 2 places were it looks like it already has as the places have been tarred over. See pictures

Picture 004.jpg

Picture 004.jpg

Picture 003.jpg

Picture 011.jpg

Picture 008.jpg

Picture 010.jpg

Here is the deterioration of the mineral cap sheet (90 weight)

Picture 007.jpg

Picture 007.jpg

Picture 007.jpg

Picture 014.jpg

Picture 009.jpg

Picture 012.jpg

Picture 006.jpg

Looks to me like you should report it as you see it, because I see it as time for some serious roof repairs, and the owner is definately full of it.

That is funny!

Rolled roofing is used because it is cheap and easier to install than a BUR roof, for instance, but the longevity may only be 5-10 years or so.

That one needs work.

It’s already been patched and I’m sure whoever put it down did a fine job making sure no stones or small rocks were on the surface before they rolled it out.

If it’s not leaking right now, it must not be raining. . .

LMAO Jeff, and I agree with the above, needs work.

My next project, weather permitting. I’ll be putting a gable roof on this one. Wood ceilings inside, starting to buclke; water damage throughout the house. I took an electrician through today…oy vay, the troublers I see.
Please disregard the dates on the pics, batteries died and I havent changed the date. These were taken April 02, 2009. As of today, there is 3 inches of snow on the roof.

Not raining? What’s rain? Haven’t seen much of that here lately. And yes it needs work no matter what Mr. Home Owner says.

If its only 4-5 years old, why dont you tell your client to ask for proof of permits. That might solve your problem right there.

When in doubt I check with permitting. It has jogged many of customers minds. When I tell them, “I’ll have my office call the city” they usually come clean. If the city has no record, tell the customer that no permit was pulled and they usually come clean. Many jobs are done by owner w/o permits or just plain improperly.

That looks like some of the roads in Baja California.

In Florida the “right” or “wrong” date on the roof could cost lots in insurance premiums, sometimes $1000 per year