Seeking input on roof condition

I am writing a report for an inspection yesterday. I could use some help determining the condition of the roof.
House was built in 1981, I am uncertain as to whether the roof is original or if it was replaced. There is algae and moss, lots of debris, and a great deal of pitting?. Is anyone familiar with the pitting that I am seeing?
Attic is dry, sheathing looks good.
Any suggestions on describing the conditions? Should I be recommending replacement?

Thank you

We can’t see what you are seeing without pictures.

Post any you have.

Sorry… I pushed post before engaging brain. The pictures should be there now.

It appears to be original and beyond it’s useful life.

Thank you Reece.

No doubt that is original, way over useful life, not insurable.

I would also add recommend a Zink strip on new roof to help control Moss growing …

You’re welcome.
If you need reasons for your client you can use the following:
Granule loss
Brittle/Not pliable
Tab sealant/adhesive no longer active

It may not be leaking now, but its current condition makes it much more susceptible to leak causing damage from wind, rain, or debris.

I agree that the roof needs to be replaced and would write it up as such. I am not sure that it is the original roof. Does a shingle roof last 33 years up in your neck of the woods? Also look a the vent stacks. They do not look original.

The pitting is blisters. Although they’re ugly they’re seldom responsible for leakage. How was the roof structure ventilation?
I don’t see an cupping, or maybe very mild cupping, I don’t see major granule loss. It looks fully bonded.
I wouldn’t call that roof at or near the end of its useful life. It’s obviously not new, but I don’t see imminent failure anywhere.
I’d describe the blistering and recommend that the roof be cleaned and kept clean.

Lets think about this for a moment. You are looking at a 20 year three tab shingle. The home was built in 81’ and we know from experience that a 20 year shingle only gives 15-18 years on average. 29 year old home would tell me that the shingles are not original but more like 10-12 years old. They are likely a couple of years away from being replaced. The pitting is exactly what Kenton said.
In my report I would recommend that the moss and debris be removed, the shingles be inspected yearly (upsell) and have them budget for new shingles in the next couple of years.