flex copper and LPG

I want to verify my understanding on flex copper tubing and propane in the home.




Carl, I see why you were there so long. What a mess.

Looks like a galvanized tee in the crawl space.

The rest is poor workmanship at least.

No drip/dirt leg.

More for sure.

Real nice:

You never know.

Recommend a Local gas Company evaluate the system piping.

Marcel :smiley: :slight_smile:

In this case I believe it should be the Propane supplier.:wink:

And you’ve only seen the issues I am uncertain about. I won’t use them all but I took over 250 photos documenting problems. Most I know how to call with my eyes closed, like this beauty: and it’s 2prong. Sorry, that’s a spa tub just beow the edge of the pic.


Is that were the TV goes?:roll:

yep, poor photo, good eye. That is a coaxial jack next to the plug.