Flex Duct Support

First time seeing this, 1-1/2 inch metal strap supporting flex duct. Always have just seen the nylon strap before. IRC refers to manufacturer’s specs but I am having a little trouble finding something. While I look further, I thought I could get a quick answer here. Sorry for not havong a pic, but I have a new vista computer and have yet to figure out how to crop and resize. Thanks in advance.

Dylan…check your e-mail for a flex duct installation guide that may be of some help. It is too big to post here. It says 1.5" is acceptable.

Thank you Michael. I wish I could show the picture. The straps look loke they are about to cut right through the duct. I can live with it though. I told the homeowner to pay me to come back each year to monitor. :wink:

I’ve been struggling with Vista and MS Office 2007 for a couple of months now too. Nothing seems to work as it should. :roll: I’ve found that if you open the image in MS Office Picture Manager you can click on the Picture menu. There is a Resize option on that menu. This will open a “resize” window on your screen and you can proceed from there.
Hope that helps.:smiley:


That did it. Much obliged.

If so, it is likely that the support spacing is inadequate.

This is the information I use in my reports if it helps you…

The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA) recommend that flex duct be supported with the following guidelines:

Ducts should not sag more than 1/2 inch every foot between supports
Support straps should be spaced no farther apart than 5 feet
Support straps should be 1-1/2 inches wide or more

Maybe someone that is a HVAC contractor can elaborate.