Flex Gas pipe to the boiler

I just did an inspection on a house that had yellow gas flex pipe going from the meter to the boiler and the tankless water heater. I feel this should be black pipe. Also there was no drip leg on the boiler. Any thoughts?

This is CSST. Perfectly acceptable for this application. Drip legs are not required by all jurisdictions.

The piping should be bonded from the meter to the service entrance ground bus or ground rod.

What type of flooring is the piping coming through in the last picture?

Read the manufacturers specs if you not sure. They are online and free most of the time.


Good bonding illustration

Joe nice pic, mind if I add to my collection?

I think you guys covered it pretty well. Bond due to lighting strikes and check the manufacturers instructions. You guys are good!!

I see no union between the gas shut off and the burner gas control ,looks like a drip leg inside .:shock:

I put it up there for anyone who wants it. Thanks for asking.


Needs a sleeve then

That’s right…

Don’t believe that CSST is supposed to be buried in concrete. The installation instructions for Tracpipe on page 46 states.

"When piping is installed underground
beneath buildings, codes require that the
piping shall be encased in a conduit
sealed inside of the building and vented
above grade to the outside. The conduit
shall be designed to withstand the superimposed

Images for how piping should be run underground.

Underground Piping 2.JPG

Underground Piping 2.JPG

Underground Piping 2.JPG

Underground Piping 2.JPG

Where the regulator for the meter? Outside? I’ve never seen a meter without one.

One more thing…the sediment trap is configured wrong. Any sediment will blow by. Here’s a better configuration.

Looks like there’s a lot of moisture in that crawl , judging by the corosion on steel fittins and looks like effloresence on the concrete . A real jungle of pipes and wire etc. there .