Proper bonding of CSST

Would like some opinions on this installation. Home is 14 years old and has CSST that services 2 furnaces a water heater and three fireplaces. The main propane line coming into the basement is black iron with a typical manifold. The bonding wire and clamp was properly done and terminated in the main service panel. At the end of the manifold is another iron pipe which goes outside to a regulator and then feeds a CSST line which is buried in the ground.

This line travels approximately 40 feet and comes up next to the chimney, it’s then fed through a metal clean out door into the fireplace. The cut in the metal door is wrong but I’m wondering if the buried CSST is actual bonded or not.

The basement is finished so there was no way to run it though the basement and up to the first floor without removing a section of ceiling the entire length of the house. Typically I see it attached to the siding and not buried. I personally don’t think it’s protected but I appreciate others opinions.

First picture is the manifold in the basement
Second the iron pipe where it exits the building
Third where it feeds into the fireplace

Moore 018 (Small).JPG

No unprotected CSST on the exterior is allowed.

Also, a #6 copper ground wire should go from the solid pipe to a ground rod.

That’s what I remember anyway.

That’s what I was thinking too, has to be bonded separately either back to the panel or ground rod.

The exterior pipe above ground should be protected as well.