FLIR E40 for sale WITH FREE ITC Class Book

I love thermography and my infrared camera. Sadly, I am throwing in the towel as an independent inspector and joining with a great inspection firm who can provide me with more work and support than I have been able to give myself.
The downside is that they do not currently include infrared in their inspections. Since I’m not using it for work, my wife wants me to sell the camera. So…

I have a FLIR E40 thermal imager for sale. It is about a year old and works like new. It has a large color palette and can do digital, infrared, or both pictures and video. It also has the MSX technology which is great especially for electrical panels!
You can actually read all about it (and see the great deal I’m offering) here:

Included is the camera, several accessories to connect it to just about everything, an extra battery (a $90 value when in stock), a hard shell case, and charger. I am also including the course book for the ITC level 1 Thermographer Course (about $2000 for the course) at no charge.

All of that for only $3050 SHIPPING INCLUDED!!
Email me at if you are interested. This is a great camera for inspectors!

(sorry my pictures are sideways)

You should talk with your new employer about adding IR and making you both more money.