New Flir Line

Very impressive.

I saw that today as well TJ. Makes me wish I would have waited a few months before purchasing mine. The technology just keeps getting better, and more affordable

Thanks Timothy! I think it is time I purchased one with this feature.

I just got a T series IR camera, now for the thermal imaging marketing:)

That’s awesome! Looks like its time for another camera

I was looking at the t440, but now I may go with the 420 and save a few grand:D

Time for this poor newbie inspector to get into thermal imaging :slight_smile:

I was impressed they have a moisture meter that can connect wirelessly to your thermal imager and being able to view the thermal imager screen on your ipad in real time, even better.

Looks like a great line of IR camera’s, but it looks like like they’re only available in the USA right now. The website says they are going “Globally” in January, 2014. The E4 and E5 don’t meet RESNET standards. I’m considering the E6, which is a great deal at around $2,500.00.

Congratulations Chris for reaching the bar of CMI and I agree with you. Waiting too!

Here’s a link to a Canadian supplier that has them in stock. They have a great price on a kit which includes a video boroscope, environmental meter, and thermocouple. $2500.00 for the lot. Cheap shipping in Canada as well.

Anybody dealt with these guys?

Who holds the meter and camera while imaging and metering moisture?


New Fluke IR line.Ti I came in as the line was Phasing in.
160 X 120 with IR and HD 2,900

I’m working on an InterNACHI deal on that new line of FLIR cameras.

Nice info. I will be upgrading and hopefully will have choice.

Nick in Canada, Montreal Quebec in particular, Primo Instruments will discount pricing on most instrumentation if you are an InterNACHI member. They are a distributor for Fluke measurement equipment including Camera’s and own MTP
I set this up 18 months ago.
I picked up one of the first Ti series IR camera’s 160 x120 for 2400 tax in.You also receive a gift.:slight_smile:
Just thought I would refresh members memories.

Ask for Joe D. in sales. Tell him Robert Young from Montreal Home Inspection services sent you and show proof you are an InterNACHI member in good standing.Phone 1-888-774-6665

Good info, thanks Robert.

You are welcome Nick.

Our students get deep discounts on all FLUKE and FLIR cameras.

I find good deals for our students.

“your training information is also highly discounted”!

I saw the FlIR change and immediately sold my new E60

Have a new T420 being calibrated with lens and should have next week