FLIR E40bx Special for InterNACHI Members

Hi folks, ended up with an extra FLIR E40bx in stock, and we’ve got a special for InterNACHI members only, also including free shipping. Contact me at if you’re interested.

Someone should jump on it.

Shot ya an email

The e40bx is solid IR camera and this deal is worth it.

Better than what you get your students ?

Price: $3,995.00
Sale Price: $3,495.00


Oh, I can beat that for sure. Plus free shipping.

Want one this year but become a miser slow season.

Hold it till I am ready…yeah right.:slight_smile:

Looks good …you will sell it.

Is it just my perception, or do home inspectors these days just want to do high tech inspection with Flir One crap investment?

Real good deals come along every so often, but why do they hold out for a good deal on a Flir One (etc.)?

I can see the hold up on “used” equipment, but new out of the box?

Inspector Outlet writes:

It’s an unbeatable deal guys, only one.

Still for sale?

Sold the other day! Had a seen this on the 15th, I’d have let you know. Remember to email me at, like I mentioned above. I can get you another one for the same price though, I just have to have it shipped in. Email me for details.

No worries… my fault should have sent you a direct email.