Open-box special! New Flir E60bx in stock!

Hi guys. I have an open box Flir E60bx in stock right now. It is brand new. The E60bx lists for $7995.00, but InterNACHI members get a special deal as it is an open box item. I can ship it immediately. Contact me at

I have this one. A very nice camera.

Folks, you can get a really good deal on this camera right now. The only thing that is wrong with it is that the box has been opened. Inspector Outlet will give you a deep discount on it.

It is a very nice camera.

Somebody is going to save a couple thousand bucks on this camera.

Our price on this one is way better than that. We still have it in stock. Email me today.

I am a new inspector and would like to purchase, could you e-mail me back at
Thanks for your help,
Steve Brenner

If it’s available still I’d like to more details

If it’s available still, I’m

Good choice

Spoken from a guy that knows his chit about IR.

A great deal for someone that needs a great camera at a great price!!!


Still got it! Email me at, the price is out of this world. Way better than you’ll find anywhere else, even better than you’d pay for a refurbished one. And this one is brand new!

Somebody buy this before I do. I don’t even need one.

Still got this! Also, have some brand new E40bx IR cameras in stock, with crazy deals for InterNACHI members only. The E40bx cameras are not open box, they are brand new in their original packaging. The E60bx we have, as mentioned above, is brand new, it was just in an open box that we opened up to used for a video. Email me.

Save $2K!!! and I’ll renew your InterNACHI membership on top of that. This is a new camera with the warranty.

Still got it! I’m shocked that no one has taken advantage of this. The price is ridiculous.

Sure, you couldn’t have this deal 9 months ago.

Why spend $6,000 when you can now get a C2 for $600? According to some on this MB, and with Nick pushing the C2 in multiple threads, they have no reason for overpriced cameras when the C2 works just fine for their needs!

It’s not overpriced, it’s a couple thousand dollars underpriced. Price a Flir E60bx and verify for yourself. This is a high-end camera, brand new and under warranty. You can save at least $2K on it right now and on top of that, I’ll throw in a year’s dues at InterNACHI meaning you will save at least $2,499.