Flir e50bx

Brand new in the box. Went out to a customer and came back. Cannot sell as new. Nachi discount we give to all customer is 10% and is a bigger discount than 7.5% off I am advertising this for elsewhere.

E50BX is a great building diagnostics camera with low in class thermal sensitivity at <.045mk.

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So how much is it?

Hook me up with your email and I will get you a quote. New cameras cannot be quoted in an open forum like this due to distribution agreements…well at least by an authorized distributor.

I though you began this thread by stating it can’t be sold as “NEW”? If you can’t sell it as new, then it is no longer new, thus the restriction on quoting new is lifted, as it is no longer new! Geesh! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Honestly Jeff, you can figure the price out from the OP as well. I listed the discount and the Nachi discount. Everyone that reads these boards knows that cameras are MAP pricing, and you have been here a long time so I know you know that. Googling the camera model will yield the MAP price.

Here let me help you out:

This camera is still new, even though I won’t ship it to someone that orders one. I honor my word with my vendors, no reason to play in a grey area when someone that is actually interested in buying the camera can simply drop me their email and I will quote them.

Geesh!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

You do understand what this **—>>> :stuck_out_tongue: <<<— **means, right?

Geesh!!! ](*,)

Probably $5000

Good luck.
Gooood camera. It’s lighter than mine but a good work hoarse.

I say 42 to 44 hunderd.

haha :stuck_out_tongue: is me sticking my tongue out…we were both busting balls…I know :slight_smile:

Have a great Halloween

Camera is sold. Cameron was super close. It went for $4900. Told ya I wanted to just get rid of it. That is $1000 off list (15% or so). The 3 cams I posted are just stuff I had laying around and at this point they are like a savings account in my warehouse. Capital equipment is a horrible way to save money :wink: