Flir t360

Up for sale is a used FLIR T360 thermal camera in overall excellent condition. Was recently sent to FLIR to be looked over and have a PC board replaced. It is in like new condition now. The screen protector plastic is still on the screen and original accessories are included. Includes 2x batteries, case, 2 bay charger, manual, service paperwork, stylus. International outlet adapter plugs, screen glare shield, headset for taking voice annotations on images. This is a 320 x 240 30Hz unit with temperature measurement capability up to 650C. It has built in picture in picture fusion as well as auto focusing optics. The default 25 degree lens is one that is equipped. Email me for photos or information.

Sorry a price would be helpful! I am asking $2300 shipped.

So… what’s up with selling all the camera’s?
Are you a Dealer/Vendor?
Looks as if you are “flipping” used cameras.
I think full disclosure is warranted, seeing as you are not an InterNachi Member.

Yes, from time to time I buy cameras, have them repaired or evaluated by FLIR if necessary and then I resell them. Some cameras I do use for a while for various R&D engineering applications (looking a PC boards, heat sinks, Power supplies, AC-DC rectifiers, etc). However, I don’t see how this matters if I am selling a FLIR evaluated camera with paperwork.

I should also note that I elected to not get this camera calibrated when it was repaired at FLIR, however The temperature values indicated on the display appear to still be very accurate.

Price drop to $2000 plus actual shipping charges. Would rather not have it sell thru eBay if I can avoid it.

This is a really good price for an older 320x240 imager with an articulating head. Plenty of these still in operation with professionals. These units are leaps and bounds better than a new EX unit. Just realize that you are out of warranty.

I recommend anyone interested, request a copy of the repair sheet then contact FLIR support for history with the S/N. FLIR is really good about providing the purchase/repair/service history of a device.

Thanks Chuck! I will indeed supply the S/N if anyone is interested along with the paperwork that FLIR sent back with it when it had a PC board replaced 2 weeks ago.

Sold via eBay. Thanks for looking.

If it were any cheaper, I would have grabbed it just to have around.