FLIR T300 with 45 degree lens

I have a FLIR T300 with 45 degree lens for sale. Comes with flir carrying case, 2 extra batteries , charger, microphone, lcd shade sheild etc.
asking $10,000. Must sell due to health.

thanks for reading

I bought a new T300 for $8000 last year. Good luck trying to get that price. Used T400’s are going for $10K.

Don’t think that one will fly Brian.

Send it in for calibration and an upgrade and you may get that.

You can get new software where the camera links to I pad/ phone when you get it calibrated. You’ll have the first T400 with that option if you do. It’s a free upgrade so you may make out on the deal.

Not too cheap shipping a $10k camera though…

Paid upgrade from T300 to T400 will cost though.

Asking price for T-400s may be $10,000, but the selling price for used T-400s is closer to $7,000 or below.

New T-300s are being listed less than $9,000 before negotiating and before the FLIR factory incentives: $1,000 rebate or free extra lenses or free Level-I certification training.

Expect to go way below the new unit factory incentive price in order to move a used unit.

Best wishes with your health issues.

New T400’s are $14k. Show me a used one selling for $7k?

FLIR Systems FLIR T400

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I know of another one that was in new condition that recently sold for $7.7K and change.

Show me someone who recently got someone to pay $10K for a used one.

FLIR is having a closeout sale on the 30Hz 2009 model T-400 at $11,950.00 and T-360 for $8,450.00. That’s new in box with tech support, full warranty and fresh calibration.

In general, people seem to have an inflated perception as to the resale value of their used imagers. They are specialty electronics. Values fall fast. Don’t expect to get your new unit purchase price back by reselling it as a used unit.

Are those high temp? I know the high temp option was around $2k