Floating porch roof

Look closely at the roof:

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Yep, no support structure.

Ha!? the decorative column is very pretty!

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What is the white paint, Was there a fire.

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Yes there was a fire.

!? the decorative column is very pretty! Home depot special probably rotted at the base.

It isn’t being fixed, “they” are hoping the inspector does not notice. We’ll see, stay tuned!


That framing is so FUBAR that I can’t make heads or tail of what member is doing what, at least from just those few pictures. That little spindle can’t be carrying the hip, is it?

Well, you have a hip jack rafters sitting atop of a double 2x beam that is essentially floating :slight_smile: That’s what you see in the pic.

No, it’s all floating in the air :slight_smile: basically the corner is hanging on for its dear life :slight_smile: I believe they put that spindle up after the fire and whatever was there initially (they had to).

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Got it! The 2x is holding up the hip, but there is nothing holding up the 2x and the spindle is not holding up anything, so what the hell is keeping that overhang from sagging down? Nothing.
Must be some new type of engineered framing I am not aware of, I guess. LOL

Oh it sag! Thus look closely comment… I know it is hard to see because of the sun beaming at the roof but if you zoom the first pic you will see it dropped like 4-6 inches easy.

I guess maybe.

I see it now Simon.Unbelievable.