I’m in the area of Minot, ND where the Souris River is running above all recorded levels and will continue to do so for another week or so “if” we get no more rain. More than 4,000 homes have suffered water damage ranging from wet basements to full emmersion. No doubt some will not be able to be salvaged. If any of you have had any experience with flooding - any advice you can offer as to what specific services I should be offering when these (near 12,000) people get back into their homes would be appreciated. Prior to the mandatory evacuations I had former clients calling for advice and I was helping friends and neighbors remove furniture, appliances, and prized possesions - AS were so many other folks here in the Magic City of Minot. Interesting fact, with 12,000 people displaced JUST 300 are in Emergency Shelters. The rest moved in with someone else. Neat, huh?

Don Srock

I would caution against marketing to flood victims (unless you want to be run out of town).

Offer the same services you’ve always offered.

The majority of the people will be looking to their insurance companies and the federal government for assistance and not a local entrepreneur.

If you want to get out there and help your neighbors and happen to be wearing your work uniform…

Other than that, I see all kinds of people get slam dunked by the media.
Downtown Nashville was flooded along with several surrounding communities last year (+2 months).

A thermal imaging camera and a moisture meter comes in handy. Might be a good time to invest in a high dollar TRAMEX.

I managed to get several people out of their real estate contract on new construction homes that they were contracted on prior to the flood. Contractors tried to force the sale and close of escrow and did the renovation work without permit and inspections because they already had a permit open. With a little help from the media, those contractors walked away with egg on their face (just like everyone else that tried to take advantage of the situation).

All houses affected by flood damage must have been inspected regardless of who does the repair.

[size=2]Nice to see people helping other people.
Country music artists rounded up some folks and raised $6 million in one night to assist flood victims. President Obama didn’t bother to come to our flood. But then nobody wanted him or his money there either!
People actually moved out of their homes (because there was only two people in the house) so that displaced families that needed the room had a place to live!

Good information. Thanks.