floor joist

This is new construction. I’m sure this is not ok. Is there a chart I can find to prove that I’m right or am I wrong.

  1. Except for cutting to length, never cut, drill, or notch I-JOIST flanges.
  2. Holes may be located vertically anywhere in the web. Wherever possible, center holes in the
    web and always leave at least 1/8" of web at the top and bottom of the hole.
  3. The sides of square holes shall not exceed three-fourths of the maximum round hole
    diameter permitted at that location. Do not over-cut the sides of square holes.
  4. Where more than one hole is necessary, the distance between hole edges must be more
    than twice the diameter of the largest round hole or twice the size of the largest square hole.
    In addition, each hole must comply with the requirements of Table 3.
  5. Do not cut any holes in the web within a distance of d/2 from the support centerline where
    d is the depth of the I-JOIST, otherwise, a 1-1/2 inch hole can be cut in the web anywhere.
  6. Exceptions will require that additional data be provided to the local building official.
    How to Use Table 3:
  7. Read across the top of Table 3 to the desired hole size.
  8. Follow this column down to the row that represents the I-JOIST depth and designation.
    This number indicates the minimum distance from the face of the support to the centerline
    of the hole.
    Example: Need a 5-1/2-inch hole in a 11-7/8" PRI-40 joist:
    From Table 3,
    For a 5-inch round hole, the minimum distance is 2’-6".
    For a 6-inch round hole, the minimum distance is 3’-6".
    Therefore the minimum distance for the 5-1/2-inch round hole is 3’-0".

Go to the manufactures web site and there should be information. There are some instances where you can cut all but 1/2" of the web. Usually it’s going to be more towards the middle. I see there is a supporting wall in the right side of the picture that doesn’t go all the way to the back of the picture. I would be more concerned in the duct continues past that wall and the holes are still that large. I would advise the clients to check with the builder. They should have paper on that. Get a copy and hold on to it for when they decide to sell.

The one with two holes is definitely not right.

Here is some technical info that may help

Thanks guys