floor level

Does anybody carry a floor level with them on an inspection ? I use an app on my phone but lately i have been asked about level floors. Now unless its sever i cant really tell .im talking about a slab.

Acceptable tolerance for a slab is typically 1/4" in 10’.
Not usually an amount you would notice while walking on it.
Anything more might be noticeable by visual observation or just walking the surface.
I would note it accordingly after checking with a level. :slight_smile:

I carry a 6" torpedo level should I have any doubts about the slope of a floor/walkway/sewer line/what-have-you. I’ll sometimes include it in a pic just as a visual aid or proof.

Except when dealing with drainage issues, whether a slab is sloped is of less importance than whether it is sound. I did an inspection of new construction where the breakfast nook floor had a noticeable slope, which the buyer was concerned about. I told her that while it was careless of the crew that poured the slab to allow that much slope, that there was nothing indicating any problems with the integrity of the slab or foundation.

I use an 1 3/4" stainless steal ball bearing on the floor for verifying what my eyes and feet are already telling me.

I use a golf ball as a quick method, 4-foot level if I need more information and finally a laser level if I need precise information.

I always carry a 24 in level to every job. I will not rely on what I see. Too many factors to mislead in what you see. Just take a moment to do it.

I work with 5 building codes and not one of them has a requirement for a floor to be level! Floors, like people, “bend” with time! Check the perimeters (external walls) with a laser and that generally gives you a better reading on the building’s stability!