Floor Slope

Do any of you try to quantify the amount of slope on a floor? I haven’t found a good way to do it yet.
New home warranties in my area limit the amount of floor slope as follows:

Article Number: 2.7 Condition: FINISHED FLOOR ABOVE GRADE IS OUT OF LEVEL Acceptable Performance/Condition: Within a room, floors shall appear level when viewed from a normal viewing position. Where a floor framed with dimensional lumber appears sloped, a maximum tolerance ratio of 25 mm in 3600 mm applies, when measured between the opposite walls or defined limits of the room or area. Warranty: One-Year – Work and Materials • Minor slope variance caused by normal shrinkage of materials due to drying after construction is excluded from the statutory warranty. Action: Floors in rooms sloped greater than the acceptable performance shall be repaired. Remarks: This item refers to the entire floor surface in rooms. Where a floor is framed with an engineered floor system, minor slope variations caused by the required camber in the long-spanned joists supporting the floor are excluded from the statutory warranty. For uneven areas in floors see section 12.2 “Floor is Uneven”.

I have to come up with a good way to measure it so that my clients can make a claim if necessary.

It appears that way to measure is described as; “between the opposite walls or defined limits of the room or area” which is similar to:

The “Residential Construction Performance Guidelines for Professional Builders and Remodelers”, Third Edition, by the National Association of Home Builders allows that a floor should not slope more than 1/2" in 20 feet. And, they further state that measurements should be made across the room, not in a small area.

A level with a laser in it works well . cost about $10;00… Roy
Take a picture with a ruler in the picture showing the difference

I had no idea lasers were that cheap. Good to know. Where have you seen them?

Bought my First at walmart second at yard sale $2.00 in a case .
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We enjoy yard/garage sales too but I haven’t found a level with a laser, yet, for $10. Do you have a link? That sounds great.

Laser level, Laser Flashlight or laser measuring device all work well.
Many people do not know of leveling techniques like self-floor leveling products and adjustments to the steel lolly columns. I only make a big deal when the floor is so unlevel that this will not work without a major expense.

Still looking this is the best so far $21.00 Mine is not this good but works well for me

Wow, amazing…close enough price-wise. I don’t know how they can make them for that.


I have a Smart Tool Level. Works great, has a digital read-out.

Although I have several lazer levels or a Zip Level, unless clients pay for the use ($149 minimum - up to 1 hr), we qualify and quantify using a golf ball with pictures of it rolling OR use a 4’ level cross a room shooting for the 1/2" in 20 feet std rule

I use a que ball also.

Sounds like a Tarion issue. In case the homeowner does reguest a conciliation, Tarion will be using a laser level. What you can use is a string and purchase one of those line levels (inexpensive) although may not be as accurate at least it will give you some idea if the floor is out of level more than the tolerance. Tarion’s guide lines is 1" over 12’. (25mm over 3600mm)

That one doesn’t seem to have a laser. Did you mean this one?

That’s interesting compared to the new home warranty in Ontario which allows 1" in 12’.

16" Laser Level with Swivel Head

Item # 90980 Manufacturer: Cen-Tech

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