Floor seems soft? "seems" is the question

You report a soft floor system when:
a. never
b. rarely
c. rarely but sometimes wonder if I should or should not…
d. often but usually not sure if it should be mentioned…
e. when my tester indicates high probability of a problem

Before voting I want to know what a soft floor tester is, how much it costs and where can I get one?

Yeah Dennis, what Mike asked…?

You have some rather odd choices up there to pick from.

What do you mean soft, inadequate framing, bouncy?

Or, Rotted?

Rotted works for me but

f. when observed, is my norm

It is a good thing that one of the questions was not ALL of THE ABOVE, because not knowing what the hell the above is, I might have gambled on the right answer. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :???:

My norm too…if it’s soft I report that…especially when I can’t see why from above or below. :wink:


Which wasn’t one of the choices. :frowning:

See “Floors” in the NACHI Narratives file.

Hey, Dennis.

I got your email, but my response got bounced back saying “User unknown.”

Anyway, go to the Members Only area. About halfway down is a thread titled, “Library of Narratives,” or something like that. Go to the last page and click on “Narratives.” Look in the “Floors” section.

I just added a bunch of narratives to the file within the last couple of hours.