Soft Spot under carpet

Please advise me. I have a couple of inspections coming up where the client has mentioned a “soft spot” under the carpet in an upstairs room. How do you inspect that, pull up carpet (we state we don’t do that)?

i would arange to have the owners pull the carpet back.

if they have nothing to hide, this shouldnt be a big deal.
take adequate pics

Depends too on where the carpet is. If in a bathroom (I know, crazy huh, it happens) I would be suspicious of previous leaks and floor damage. If in a bedroom, I would be more curious than the buyers. You need to note it, draw their attention to it more than once in your report ( 3 times or more is good) and advise them to query the owners about it. Like someone said, if nothing to hide than there should be an explanation. I got rid of all our carpeting and we found extra pieces of padding in spots to hide a depression in the slab. That created a soft, lumpy spot that annoyed the stew out of me for years. Sometimes it isn’t anything major but do not let it go unreported.

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There appear to be a couple of issues here to think about, firstly is it an engineering/design problem for example overspanned joists? the second thought is that if it is indeed due to moisture, a pin type meter will read through the carpeting.



What does your client mean in his terminology? “soft spot” to him may be something completely differant to you. i.e. could be floor deflection.

I had this problem 2-3 weeks ago inspecting a finished attic …here’s what I put in my report. along with a picture of my moisture meter at the soft spot.

(attic) floors are uneven throughout both bedrooms, floor appears to have a soft area at the door to the rear bedroom - wall to wall carpeting prevented evaluation of flooring/sub-floors. moisture readings appear to be in acceptable (normal) range. Recommend further evaluation by a qualified, licensed contractor.

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Thanks so much everyone that took time to reply. I really find this forum helpful…yea NACHI.