Floor Structure

Anyone aware of a specific code relating to the use of wood shims to level a support beam on block columns within a crawlspace? Are metal shims preferred?

Steel shims are often used for support. In most cases, there should be at least 3-4" of beam bearing over the wall.

I am sure there is a variety of end beam supports that have been observed by our fellow inspectors.

Wood shims, although least desirable, are often observed and they tend to crush and compress, and may contribute to settling problems if they are too thick and have compressed excessively. The wood shims are often not properly protected from termite access and may be subject to moisture exposure.

Inour profession it is a judgement call as to the adequacy of a detail unless blatant failure is in progress. Keeping this in mind , when issues like this arise sometimes it may be wise to question the contractor and/or consult with the local authority in order to confirm our concerns before alarming the homeowner with additional professional analysis.

Unless there is a failure of some sort on the supporting ends of the Beams, I would most likely just note what I observed. :):smiley: