Florida DBPR approves InterNACHI's free online "Advanced Electrical Inspection" video

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation approves InterNACHI’s free online “Advanced Electrical Inspection” video course.

Building Systems: 3 hours
General: 1 hour

Approval letter and course access:


I agree. NACHI cant be beat on Education.

I agree. NACHI cant be beat on Education.

I’ve got a general question about the courses, well two really.

Does NACHI report the credits to the state of Florida or must we do it our selves?


I have several other licenses in Florida, my other CE’s often cross to my other licenses (even to the HI lics.) So how can I get my HI ce’s to do the same? (with the others I just need to supply the instructor with my other license numbers)


Hi, Lawrence.

After passing the final exam (of a DBPR-approved course), you’ll be brought to a page that has the downloadable exam. To receive credit in your state, there are state specific links (including Florida).

Through the InterNACHI system and downloading the state-specific certificates, your state department will automatically be sent your credit hours.

It’s really easy. Any problems, just contact us at http://www.nachi.org/contact.htm

Thanks, I did all that so what your saying is the info should have gone to FL DBPR automaticaly, right?

How about my second question, multiple licenses? I’d really like it if the wind mitigation course could also apply for my contractors license.

Take a look at the screen shot.

You have to click the links, and then enter you state license number in the data field. When we see your home inspector and/or contractor license, InterNACHI’s system automatically sends the appropriate regulatory body the course information for your credit.