Florida Approves InterNACHI's Free Online "FL Mold Assessor & Remediator CE" Course

Florida DBPR Mold Related Services approves InterNACHI’s free online “Florida Mold Assessor & Remediator Continuing Education” course for 14 hours of Continuing Education, including 6 hours of water (moisture intrusion), 4 hours of mold and mold safety, 2 hours of report writing, and 2 hours of standards of practice as described in Rule 61-31.504, Florida Administrative Code.

View FL DBPR approval and take the course at www.nachi.org/florida-licensed-mold-inspector-assessor-remediator.htm

For everything you need to be successful in Florida, visit nachi.org/florida

Thanks Inachi!

Cool, good job. Is this a new course?

It’s a new course specifically designed for Florida and approved to fulfill all of your CE requirements as a mold assessor.

Good work, thanks.

Just finished the course, I appreciate the all the effort NACHI has expended to conform to Florida’s CEU guidelines all in one complete course, thanks.

Some ideas for future improvements would be hands on education examples focusing on when the assessor has finished the field survey, understands the moisture intrusion problem and contamination area, has the lab reports and is getting ready to write the work protocol. Providing a few examples of actual conditions and how they were ultimately handled.

By now most of us have a fairly good idea about moisture intrusion and mold, what is lacking for me is that crucial insight necessary for a complete and proper clean up which not only conforms to the state standards but puts the whole thing together in a project management sort of way.

I agree, most of the online training I see does not go into detail on the remediation protocol, clearance procedures, and report writing. This is badly needed to conform to the new SOP for assessments. I haven’t taken the Nachi course yet, but have already committed to getting classroom training in report writing with NORMI. I am also contemplating a IICRC course on water damage restoration and mold remediation which will help.

Please keep us posted on NORMI education regarding protocol writing.

How long does it take for the course to be listed with DBPR after you pass it?

Great question, my cerdits haven’t posted yet either.

Hi, everyone.

We’ve got a new software system being programmed by Tim, which will make updates immediate. Right now, data uploads to the state is on a weekly schedule. I’ll take a look at the most recent course completions and make sure they’ve been uploaded. Email me at ben@internachi.org by the end of this week to confirm your DBPR account is up-to-date.
Thanks, everyone.

This is link for status of standard of practice for FL mold. Should be interesting to see how long it takes the DBPR respond.

**61-31.701 **


problems with FL mold “Standard of Practice”

Holy crap…Who wrote this law. Marjory is having field day with them…

For Home Inspectors and Mold Assessors. Marjorie Holladay is a blessing to us. A true professional in every sense of the word.

It interesting how other states adopted and then soon abandoned their mold regulations. FL seems to be turning theirs into some hi tech abortion.


Checked with the state and the CEU’s for my Mold Assessors License have posted.

Thanks Ben & NACHI. :smiley:

Gosh, DBPR must be swamped.