Florida Home Inspector Council

The Florida Home Inspector Council has refused to act on our concerns. The majority of the council feels that they have done a fine job and that our concerns are unfounded. With that being the case the Florida Home and Insurance Inspectors Chapter has no choice but to join Nick Gromicko in not supporting the council.

InterNACHI will form its own group to represent the home inspection profession in Florida.

Wise move, hopefully Nick will come around and support the Florida Home and Insurance Inspectors Chapter.

Nice. As I have said in the past numerous times, Fl Nachi is much more detrimetal to the profession then it is a help. With grandfathering gone, I am just waiting for it to fade away.

Greg not to take more or your time. But can you be specific as to what exactly happened?

He already has! He donated $1001.00 to our help us with our Legislative Affairs:mrgreen:


I have no idea what you are talking about. Specifically, what concerns are not being addressed by the Council?

Perhaps if you hadn’t left in the middle of the meeting in New Port Richey, you would have a better idea of what the Council is and has done.


We asked that they add 2 more seats to represent NACHI on the council.

They refused.

We asked for a new NACHI representative.

They refused.

The emails that I have read from the council all this week indicate that we are the problem. They are doing a fine job and we are wrong to have concerns.

I think the post from Mark Cramer sums it up very well. They refuse to listen to our concerns.

It is a common practice for people with an established agenda to invite their opposition to join them “at the table” in order to give the appearance of consensus for their pre-determined objectives, without ever having had the intention of seriously considering their views. However, they will take the check.:wink:

I thought they offered us a seat at the table? Seems like we were fed a bunch of crap again.

People who say one thing to your face and do another behind your back. Pretty consistent with the past actions of the “council”. They speak of unity and offer nothing. FL NACHI is a cancer on our profession.

You can not say we did not try. Thanks Greg!

Here is a link to donate to the cause. Fl Home and Insurance Inspectors.



The Council hasn’t even formally discussed adding members. We haven’t refused, we haven’t addressed the issue yet.

I haven’t heard a request for a “new NACHI representative.” That’s simply not true. You may have asked someone, but not the Council.

If InterNachi wants to appoint a new representative and an alternate to the Council, why don’t you just do so? It’s not a Council matter, it’s a matter that’s internal to InterNachi.

If this was a real organization and you had some real leadership this wouldn’t be a problem, you would work it out within the framework of the organization rather than squabbling like children on the playground.

None of what’s going on here is helpful to FL inspectors. It’s divisive. Divided, we will be conquered.


None of that is true. The Council hasn’t discussed adding seats.

Regardless, if FL NACHI is a cancer, why does it exist? Why don’t you change it? Why don’t you get involved and make it better?

I can’t imagine that a Chapter of InterNachi is working to the detriment of the organization and it’s members. How can this be possible? Doesn’t anyone in InterNachi care? Why doesn’t the leadership make changes if everyone is so unhappy? Why aren’t you involved in making those changes?


You have not been to our meetings when we were told to “sit down and shut up.” That is a quote.

They should stop making promises and start doing.

We have been down this road before. If you want to talk about it call me directly, 321-626-8153.

With all do respect I do not know you but.

We are tired of being lied to! we will not sit by while our profession is destroyed and the powers that be, insist that we do nothing. You came in our little group a day late and a dollar short. They drew the lines after we have invited them, offered them to speak at our meetings and asked for updates.

They have divided inspectors, not us.

Well apparently you don’t know what I have been doing to try and make changes. I have talked with MY REPRESENTATIVE Greg Bell and in keep in contact with him often. I took $1000 out of my personal pocket for the cause. Whenever we want to do something we are shunned and turned away. So what is the suggestion? Take it in the *** and smile? I am not that kind of guy! I have said since day #1 that FL NACHI and AAA schools are a cancer on our profession and that opinion has not changed. They are self serving to a PERSONAL AGENDA.

Mark, reguardless of the outcome I feel my business with prosper and continue to grow and every year my gross, net and market share increase. My pupose is not one of personal gain, my purpose it to promote the profession and a profession needing a TON of knowledge, skill and drive to succeed and we should be charging accordingly and being paid accordingly.

MONTHS ago we asked out “INACHI” representive to keep us informed and they did NOTHING…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So what other choice do we have? FL NACHI has no moral guideance and is only PERSONALLY self serving. I was at the meeting in New Port Richey, a 3.5 hour drive one way to see the whopping 25 people FL NACHI got together. Which to me shows the support they have, or lack of.

So what choice is there but to be divided? Just give a orgnaization that I feel has bastardized our profession, gives us NO communication, has only a personal agenda to fill. I am suppose to support that, in the effort to be a “coalition”? Can’t do it, they had their chance, and failed and continue to fail.

Out of what 1000 members of Fl Nachi - 17 showed up for their meeting? I counted 25 heads and that was including you, Wayne, Steve and two other ASHI members.

Just shows they have that many members because they made is SIMPLE to get a license not because of the quality of the organization and their number or members that showed proved this.

Mark - I sat and listened to you. Its not what you say its how you say it. You are a man who has been there done that and speaks with passion about the profession and is very knowledgable. Your my only hope on that coalition and you don’t even represent my organization. Good luck and keep doing what your doing…your my only hope.

Some backround to our Florida Members… in the past, it has been my opinion that all of you interested in starting a member-represent chapter or organization have been self-serving.

Every time someting has come up, this person did it wrong or my concerns werent addressed. Blah blah. I’m tired of this.

Now, you seem to be self-dealing again. Slick names of chapters, re-names corporations like “NACHI Management”.

What a crock of ****.

Want a NACHI chapter? Form one, absent of “special verbiage”

If I have my way, your chapter names will be limited to the association name and gepgraphic location.

This way, there will be no cofusion.

I will also work to kill the names of any chapter or organization or corporation that purports to be what it is not.

NACHI is a home inspector association. Spin-offs that are self-serving will be disbanded or dissolved. Members who plan to get rich on other members backs and who plan to self-deal or are self-dealing will be expelled.

This includes all b u l l s h i t moves…

None of you, and I mean none of you, should expect to garner the support of many on a consistent basis, including chapter meetings. Grow up when bashing someone else’s chapter. I mean, really.

It is obvious to all of us that have observed the self-dealing and whining through the years in Floirida that little has changed; Florida continues to be a cesspool.

Time to flush, ladies and gents… Time to flush.

Do I need to post all of the emails that have been exchanged this week on this subject? Steve Taylor asked the council. You even spoke to him about it. So I don’t know how you can say that the council was never asked.

I agree that the official leadership of FLNACHI leaves a lot to be desired. That is one of our biggest concerns with the council.

You and anyone else that wants to know exactly what has and is happening or would like input on how we should proceed, please give me a call directly. 321-626-8153

Let me be the first to start the flushing. You can take my membership and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

Greg writes:

Count on my continued support Greg.

We asked for one consideration from the council and we were denied. They need us, we don’t need them. They are irrelevant without us… and it is in our best interests that they stay that way.

Thanks Nick

You are exactly right.

They need us more than we need them.