Florida Home Inspector News recap

Florida Home Inspector News

• You can now offer all Florida real estate agents access to the Continuing Education courses they need to keep their real estate licenses current in Florida. The courses are online and free, forever. InterNACHI is a Florida-approved course provider for licensed real estate agents. Even the marketing cards you can use to promote this free Continuing Education are free. Visit www.nachi.org/florida to find out more. Everything is free.
• InterNACHI is now generating about three inspection leads per minute (9 million inspection leads so far). You can see them come through in real time by visiting www.nachi.org/inspection-leads InterNACHI makes sure your inspection calendar is booked solid in Florida. All of the leads InterNACHI generates are free.
• Owens Corning, in partnership with Lowe’s®, has awarded InterNACHI an exclusive contract to perform hundreds of thousands of roof inspections in Florida. Get in on the money by visiting www.nachi.org/roof
• Make more money by offering InterNACHI’s Home Energy Report with every home inspection in Florida. The software is free. InterNACHI is a U.S. Department of Energy Partner with the Home Energy Score Program. Visit www.nachi.org/home-energy-report to get the approved, free energy reporting software. It’s free.
• The Florida DBPR has approved InterNACHI’s free, online Pre-Licensing Course. You can now complete all of your required courses online to become licensed in Florida. For more information, visit www.nachi.org/florida
• The Florida DBPR has approved InterNACHI’s proctored State Exam for home inspector licensing.
• The Florida DBPR approved InterNACHI’s 120-hour course to become a home inspector. www.nachi.org/florida
• The Florida DBPR has approved hundreds of hours of InterNACHI’s free, online Continuing Education, including the Florida Mold Inspection Course & Exam for Mold Assessors and Remediators, Wood-Destroying Organisms/WDO Inspection Course & Exam, Wind Mitigation Course & Exam, Home Inspection Business Course & Exam, and more. All of InterNACHI’s approved courses are online and free. www.nachi.org/florida
• Learn about performing approved 4-Point Inspections in Florida. Visit www.nachi.org/florida
• Get into commercial property inspections. Everything you need is free and online at www.nachi.org/comsop
• InterNACHI is an approved vendor of the Florida Department of Education’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, a federal and state resource that helps people who have physical or mental disabilities get or keep a job. If you’re interested in becoming a home inspector and have a physical or mental disability, Vocational Rehabilitation may pay for an InterNACHI membership, or assist you in obtaining the equipment and resources you’ll need. For more information, visit www.nachi.org/florida InterNACHI provides everything for free.
• Take the free Florida Adjusters Course. It’s the most in-depth insurance adjusters course available, and helps individuals attain their Florida Adjuster’s License by preparing them for the state exam. www.nachi.org/florida
• Streamline the process of getting your inspection agreement signed in Florida. InterNACHI’s online inspection agreement is signable and legally binding in Florida. It allows the client to read and sign your agreement before you do the inspection. It’s totally free. Visit www.nachi.org/onlineagreement There is no charge; use it for free.
• Keep in touch with all of your clients in Florida. Offer them a free subscription to InterNACHI’s Homeowner Newsletter. It’s free for you and them, and it’s customized by you according to the condition of each house you inspect in Florida. Find out more by visiting www.nachi.org/florida It is totally free for you and your clients.
• Get a custom online video ad to post on your website and even on YouTube. It’s search engine-optimized to bring consumer traffic to your Florida inspection company’s website. Visit www.InspectorOutlet.com
• InterNACHI provides free design services for inspection logos, business brochures, business cards, and marketing pieces—all at no charge. Visit www.marketing.nachi.org to give your Florida home inspection company a boost.
• Earn the inspection industry’s highest professional designation. Become a Certified Master Inspector® by visiting www.CertifiedMasterInspector.org Certified Master Inspectors… The best of the best in Florida!
• Want to double your inspection business this year? Order a case of “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection in Florida” books, staple your business card to them, and give them to real estate agents and clients. These are customized for the state of Florida. They also reduce your liability. They’re $2.70 each. The Spanish-language version of the original “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” book is also available for the same low price.
• We’ve added an additional $75,000 worth of free benefits for Florida inspectors at www.nachi.org/benefits
• A couple years ago, InterNACHI released its SUPER DEALS section on the Membership Benefits page. Now, you can invite your Florida clients to save money on more than 289,000 products and services. Give them a free “Gift from Your Inspector” card. It includes easy-to-follow registration instructions for access to these discounts. These marketing gift cards are free—get as many as you like. www.GiftsFromMyInspector.com They’re free.
• InterNACHI’s website has grown to more than 280,000 pages and has had more than 20 million unique visitors. www.nachi.org is packed with free courses, marketing tools, and business success tips for Florida inspectors.
• Become certified as a Home Energy Inspector. You don’t need an infrared camera, blower door, or additional training. Visit www.nachi.org/florida InterNACHI provides it all for free to Florida home inspectors.
• Visit the Florida Inspectors’ Message Board at www.nachi.org/forum There is an entire section dedicated to Florida and to home inspection issues in Florida. It now has 1.4 million posts made by nearly 50,000 inspectors.
• Find everything you need to become a successful home inspector, all in one place. Visit www.nachi.org/florida
• Don’t forget about Inspection Universe 2016 being held in Orlando, Florida from March 13 to 16. Visit www.nachi.org/universe2016 to find out more and to register. This is the largest event in the inspection industry. You won’t want to miss it!

InterNACHI… #1 in Florida

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My name is Sam Schneider and residing in Brevard County. I am completed with almost everything. The last thing left is figuring out how to submit my state test score results. EIC is set, Impartial Home Inspections is my company.

I have 199.63 in my business checking account for my liability insurance.
I have 17.87 in my personal checking account.

I got top in my class at a score of 89 on the Nachi State certifying text the first and only time I took the test. I have 24 years of solid residential and commercial construction experience.
I own a 2012 Jeep Patriot and the last tool I need is the 6" studfinder for wind midegation Inspections.

This is my situation,
I really got this far by myself. My mentor that I had has started going through a divorce and not in a position to advise me. I was going to get my inspection software from him for the first 90 days and no way to afford one presently. I am positive if i asked for the software, he would loan it to me. I have done zero shadows out of the school provided ones. I have spent all my savings along with having no income and seem to be stuck in a bubble between employment and home Inspection’s now tragically stuck not moving forward.

I have a verbal agreement that I will be a preferred inspector for a large national Bank inspecting directly from them after I get my introductory experience.
I have all my small office set up except for the quick books. I have a business phone and personal phone with Mobil WiFi with them.

I am 40 an this is a lifelong Career for me, I want to make it clear that I am not looking to cut corners or do anything then follow the Nachi code of conduct.
It would take a real miracle for me not to be homeless in 36 days. I am seriously working out a plan to live and work out of my jeep for a while so the business is not affected by my personal problems.

I definitely need a mentor as you can tell. I won’t give up regardless and am willing to transfer near you if it will lead to any type of employment. I am a widow and used to living and depending on myself but know its time to ask for help.

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